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There’s no shortage of music apps for Android, but how about being able to control your music player without touching your mobile phone or tablet? That’s what OnTheGo Platforms has done with their BrainWave app. Once installed on your mobile, you can use hand gestures to control playback.

The app is very easy to use. Open your palm and position over the screen to pause or play. Swipe your hand to play the next song or swipe to the left to go back to the previous song.

When you first load the app you’ll get a tutorial explaining how it works. Once you’re familiar with the controls, choose one of the supported music players. BrainWave supports the Samsung Galaxy player, iHeart Radio, JetAudio, Spotify, google Play Music and more.

The app runs even if the screen is asleep, but the app must be in a lit location as it uses your camera to see the hand gestures. You also can’t use any app that needs the camera while BrainWave is running.

This is a unique app and great for hands-free playing. If you’re doing something, the app comes in handy as with a wave of your hand you can play, pause or skip to the next track.

BrainWave is one of the more innovative mobile players, and it’s free so there’s no reason to try it. The instructions are clear and once you’ve tried it, you’ll probably wish other music apps were able to do this as well.

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