If you enjoy taking selfies (and who doesn’t), you’re going to like B612 from Line Corporation. It’s a camera app for Windows that comes with several filters that make it easy to use, and there are options for formatting as well. However, this isn’t just a simple selfie app as there’s a lot more up its sleeve.

Aside from taking the usual selfie pictures, B612 lets you shoot video clips with audio. Once you’ve taken your selfies you can share these on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or the Line website. Once the app is installed it integrates with your mobile’s front camera and adds a widget on your device’s home screen. To open the viewfinder, just tap the widget and tap on any part of your display to snap a photo. If you want to take a short video, tap hold the screen and B612 will go into video mode.

Once you’ve taken a shot the app goes into photo editing mode where you can add vignettes, collage and apply other effects. All the options are at the bottom of the screen and easy to access so you can save and share them. You just swipe the screen to go through the various filters and tap the one you want to use.

After tapping the filter, the app goes into preview mode so you’ll see what the effect looks like. If you’re satisfied with the look, tap again to save the setting and share it. All in all, B612 is a pretty good selfie app and easy enough for casual users to learn.

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