Who doesn’t love a good cup of tea? Even if you prefer coffee to get your morning kick, Teacup Talks is a soothing, refreshing EP that’s good for the body and mind.

Sam Duffy, or S. Lyre, is an electronic music producer based in the UK. For those who have been following his solo project and his collaboration project, Superb Lyres, Teacup Talks is a relaxing twist to Sam’s usual future style. With calming soundscapes composed of varying samples and warm synths, this EP aims to give the listener feelings that you’d want to put in an infuser ball and brew.

The EP opens up with the title track and instantly transports the listener to another world. There’s a lot going on, but it’s all so soft and gentle it almost feels minimalistic. Soon, a groove comes in and brings a jolt of energy as s. lyre sings a simply catchy melody.

The next track, spin cycle, has the same sort of feel. It opens with a lush soundscape, complete with round, open sounding synths and fun vocal samples. Sam uses techniques that he’s used to craft his signature sound. Although he has touched on slower feels and chill grooves, he uses the energy from his future style and focuses it. A calm buzz is definitely felt throughout this track and the whole EP.

Teacup Talks is a great, free album, so download the EP from his Bandcamp by clicking the free download button. Best listened to with headphones and your favorite tea.

Track List
1. Teacup Talks
2. Spin Cycle
3. Floatday
4. You Need To Love Yourself No Matter What
5. Magnetic

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