DVD Chief is the program that will help arrange your movie collection. The program is easy to use and is capable of recognizing DVDs and Blu-ray ISOs, and what’s more, it can use its database on the Internet to add all the details so everything is done automatically.

While DVD Chief can add the details automatically, you can also manually add the titles of each film, but really it is much more convenient to just keep inserting the discs and let DVD Chief add the info for you. Once you have entered all the information you can rate, search and browse your movie collection. The great thing about DVD Chief is you are not required to put in the DVD to search and rate the movie, as the data is stored in the program.


The search features of the application are very extensive, and you can search by title, staff, and more so you can filter and sort the films any way you wish. With DVD Chief you won’t have any problems finding movies by the year, the director, producer or even by the studio that produced the film, so there is virtually no limit to what you can do here.

Another advantage of DVD Chief is that it is very fast and you can add comments and notes about the movies if you want. If you have a large movie collection then this application will be very useful. It is very intuitive and unlike online databases, it has a database of only the movies you like, and it supports multiple languages as well.

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