Drawing Desk from 4 Axis Solutions is a drawing app for the iOS and Android, and it is one of the few 3D brush stroke apps that are available. The app has several features including stickers, stamps, and assorted brushes, multiple undo, redo and more. In addition the app has a kids and adults mode so you can work in different ways.


Drawing Desk sets itself apart from other apps thanks to the sheer number of features that are available in it. For starters the app has a full color palette and you can import backgrounds into your image as well. A lot of users will also like the fact that Drawing Desk has multiple undo and redo so if you make a mistake you can correct it easily.

Drawing Desk also has a smooth eraser and you can share your creation with your friends on Twitter, email or Facebook with just a single click. In addition, the app allows you to print inside it. If you’re looking for drawing and painting tools, Drawing Desk has plenty to offer including pencils, paintbrushes, a line tool and a pen.

The app also has some of the most impressive collection of brush strokes on mobile and there’s also a nice brush effect that appears when you draw. For added versatility, you can change the size of the brush and you have the option to listen to music while drawing. In other words, this is a complete drawing app. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran artist, Drawing Desk will bring out your creativity.

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