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Torch is a Chromium-based software that you can use as a regular web browser, but what sets it apart from other browsers is the features emphasize torrents, music downloads and social media integration. It’s also got Google Chrome’s speed and can be customized as well.

A look at its toolbar quickly shows the difference: click the Share button and you can post to Twitter and Facebook without going to those sites, while the media button lets you listen to music online. If you like the song, just activate the media grabber to download and save the song on to your computer.

Torch also has a torrent service that you access by clicking its icon. A chart appears that displays the status of all the torrents you’re downloading. There’s also a Torch Music icon that syncs all your music files and lets you share it on other devices. As these four icons show, there is a great deal of emphasis on music and downloads here, and that is what separates it from other browsers.

Torch isn’t a bad browser either; it comes with all the basic features you would expect from a browser, and it has a download manager, the option to install add-ons and there’s also an incognito window so you can browse in private and not leave any tracks.

Overall the performance and quality of Torch is right up there with the best, and if you’re into music, downloading torrents and social media you will like this browser. Just make sure when you install the application to go over the options and choose only the stuff you want.

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