There are a ton of games like Crossy Road, and in terms of visuals, Guessy Stars from Tin Robot Studios is similar. Yes, it has the same blocky graphics, but the gameplay is different. Instead of driving a vehicle, this is a trivia game where, you guessed it, you have to guess famous faces, all in blocky voxel graphics.

The game starts by introducing its host Chuck Cheeseman. As the game starts, you will be given the opportunity to identify the famous face. The image is displayed, and you have to type the name in the keyboard.

Each time out you get a clue and a figurine. If you guess correctly, the figurine explodes to let you know it’s correct. If you are unable to figure out the answer, you can ask for more clues. However, these token clues are in a finite supply so you have to be careful.

The personalities you will meet include celebs, athletes, historical figures, rock stars, pop stars and more. The game controls are simple too. You just wait for the game to start. When the image appears, type in the keyboard provided. Tap if you need a clue and just keep playing.

Guessy Stars is not a complicated game, and that is part of its charm. If you’re into celebs and trivia, then check out Guessy Stars. This is the kind of game you can enjoy anytime as it doesn’t require you to exert a lot of effort figuring out how it works.

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