Implode! Nature is a cool game that features fun graphics and physics-based gameplay. All you have to do in the game is to blow up stuff! Who could resist?

This wonderful game is available for free download on the iPad, iPhone and iTouch. The game lets you blow up buildings by strategically placing dynamites around the field. It’s definitely a fun game that you can try out.

The game was developed by IUGO Mobile Entertainment Inc. It’s a bit short but it’s definitely awesome fun. Besides, who wouldn’t want to blow up imaginary buildings?

The main goal of the game is to make all buildings crumble to the ground by carefully placing dynamites. This might sound simple enough but it actually isn’t. The game makes sure you have to ruin all the buildings and make them fall down below a set target line. Finding the proper places to position the dynamite can then become tricky.

To help you out with causing chaos, you get different types of dynamites to help you out. From directional charges to TNT, you get a whole range of these cool things to do your dirty work. Don’t think that this’ll be a piece of cake though. There are tricky levels with special rules that you need to follow.

Graphics are pretty cool. It’s presented in a blueprint/chalkboard style that’s pretty different and one-of-a-kind. ┬áIt’s also very clean and easy on the eyes.

Overall, the game is quite fun. It’s rather short but every level has its special quirk and will definitely keep you busy until you finish all of its stages.

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