The VSCO Cam app from VSCO comes with several photo effects while also letting you shoot photos with ease. Obviously this isn’t the first photo app for the iOS and Android to date, but it’s got a unique set of tools to help you. Some of the buttons might look a bit confusing at first but rest assured this app is worth learning.

To take a photo just tap the camera icon, or tap the plus sign to get one from your iPhone camera library. Touch the photo and you’ll get buttons for sharing on Facebook, deleting and editing. Tap the edit icon and you’ll have the option to go with basic editing or use filters and effects.

The effects don’t have very descriptive names, but you can touch the button and you’ll see what effects it will have. The effects have a slider that you can use to fine tune the results, and other tools like saturation, contrast, brightness, rotate and crop are also available.

After you’re done editing and adding special effects, you can share the image on social networks with your friends or you can just save them to your library, or email them. You can also sync the photos on the app with your other devices. If you take a high quality photo there’s a chance it could end up on the VSCO Cam grid, so that’s another incentive. Overall, the VSCO Cam app does a good job providing effects and editing tools that anyone can learn, and the clean interface makes it even more appealing.

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