King Rabbit from RareSloth combines action with puzzle elements, all with some really cool results. You play the titular character and the goal is to save your queen and kingdom while overcoming great odds. The levels are small but filled with challenges so it’s going to take strategy and skill to win.

You swipe across the screen in four directions, with one swipe good for one hop. Because of the way controls are set up, it’s unlikely you will take one step too many. You also have full control on speed so the King Rabbit can tread carefully or hop quickly away depending on the situation.

There are lots of obstacles and enemies to deal with such as fire, canons, spiders, traps, pits and so on. However, your enemies are also vulnerable to these hazards so with careful planning and maneuvering, you can lure them into the fire or blades.

There are coins to collect in each level, and you can use saws to open boxes and crates. If you have played Furdemption the gameplay in King Rabbit will be familiar, but even if you haven’t the controls are intuitive. Once you get the hang of the controls, your goal is to find the trapped rabbit in the level, collect the coins and find the exit.

You can get some power ups by exploring the level, and you’re going to need them as the levels become more challenging. However King Rabbit never feels like it’s being unfair so you should keep playing.

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