The Elder Scrolls Legends Heroes of Skyrim from Bethesda is a card collecting game, and the gameplay and characters will be familiar to those who have played Skyrim, Morrowind and Oblivion. Unlike other card collecting mobile games, it is easy enough for casual gamers to get into.

The battle arena is divided into two fields. Once you’ve selected creatures and powers, choose a lane, and your creature can only launch attacks here. There’s also a shadow lane where your forces won’t be subject to attack for a turn except for spells. This is a good option if you want to save a creature for later battles.

As a card collecting game, Elder Scrolls offers a lot of options for extending your life, casting spells, strength, endurance, intelligence and so on. While there are IAPs, you can still get a lot of cards to build up your forces. If you’re playing this for the first time, go through the tutorial as it explains a lot.

The game also has daily quests where you can get 40 to 50 gold. You can complete these in Arena draft or Play mode, and emphasis is often on winning but also getting items and others. There’s also a practice mode for new players where you can get soul gems and for first timers you can go with novice level.

Playing Elder Scrolls on a regular basis means you can earn up to 300 gems, and given that most cards cost 50 gems, you can get far in the Elder Scrolls pretty quickly.

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