Making music is one thing, but making music that latches onto you and draws from within you your deepest emotions and passions, is quite another. Producer Sean Crownover, who works under the moniker Candlegravity, created his debut LP to embody an experience in his life that moved him profoundly. The story behind Junpei comes from Sean’s time teaching in Japan where he developed a fondness with a little boy in one of his classes who always seemed to get into trouble. On talking to the boy’s mother he learned that he was distressed by not having a father.

The focal aim of Junpei is to connect with listeners on an emotional level and make them reflect on the experiences they’ve had similar to Sean’s. Each track features an individual theme and feeling, and is given a name that aptly mirrors its content. For instance: Could Have, with its palpable sense of yearning or Fieldtrip which features samples of animal noises and casual conversation. As a result, the album offers to the listener a distinct spectrum of emotions. Sean’s gift for composition and melody, moreover, make each track a chillingly immersive experience. Wanting Someone, with its pretty and memorable central motif, paints a haunting expression of 21st century loneliness while With Many Tears ventures on the more ambient side of Sean’s sonic palette, bringing the album to a perfect ending.

Favorite Track: Wanting Someone, Fieldtrip, With Many Tears

Track List
01. Wanting Someone (04:36)
02. Fieldtrip (03:19)
03. Afghan (04:39)
04. Could Have (04:07)
05. Junpei (03:25)
06. A Suicide (07:24)
07. Tomie’s Bubbles (06:21)
08. With Many Tears (05:04)

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