Looking for a wallpaper? Why settle for one when you can get a great number of choices at one go? This cool Wallpaper Collection I features artworks created by Salvatore Scandurra; anItalian animator, film maker and multimedia artist that is currently based in San Francisco, USA.

The artist has dabbled and released quite a huge body of work, spanning from cartoon animation to illustrations and even t-shirt prints.

This particular collection has 45 MB worth of wallpaper that you can use for your computer. You can also download each one individually at his website. Each wallpaper is available in high resolution, perfect if you feel like stretching it for your canvas monitor. There are a variety of themes that you can choose from. The collection features photographs, digital illustrations and various themes created by the artist.

Downloading the file gives you about 70 wallpapers to choose from. It’s definitely a huge collection that will give you more than enough choices you can hanlde. Each wallpaper is licensed under creative commons and available for free download. You can either download the bulk of the collection right here on Frostclick or you can choose the ones you like and then download them one by one from the artists’ main website.

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