As I begin to press play on rapper Kill Bill’s debut full-length project Ramona, I have higher expectations than usual. That’s because Kill Bill belongs to EXO Music, an underground hip-hop collective that has proven with multiple fantastic releases in the past to be a solid contender for being the next Odd Future. And as expected, Kill Bill follows in the footsteps of label-mates Rav and Scuare who we have previously covered, and comes off as an artist with immense potential.

Kill Bill, contrary to what his name may suggest, has no ‘gangsta’ escapades to share and neither is he keen on bragging about wealth, women or cars. Instead, he raps from the perspective of an ordinary lad perceiving life and the world around him. As a result, the lyrics on Ramona, more than anything else, form a series of disjoint thoughts and observations that are both engaging and relatable. Kill Bill’s winning formula, however, stands incomplete without the splendid production that underlies his rhymes. The instrumentation on the album is diverse and eccentric, ranging from contemporary trap beats to soul samples and saxophone melodies. The record even gives off, on certain occasions, the abstract vibes of old Stones Throw releases.

Favorite Track: Hola, Dream Eater, Black Coffee

Track List
1. Backwoods 03:03
2. Hola 02:34
3. FVCK 02:36
4. Chinatown (Feat. Rav) 03:10
5. Dream Eater (Feat. Rav x Rekcahdam) 02:59
6. Black Coffee 04:40
7. Then There’s Me 03:39
8. Conversations with Gravity 02:59
9. 水 水 水 (Feat. JINZO THE TRAP LORD) 02:31
10. Abandoned 2 (Feat. Rav) 03:54
11. Pork (Feat. Rav) 03:12
12. Good Luck Chuck 03:14
13. 4:37 P.M. EST [Subspace] 00:45
14. SLOW JAM MOOGY [16-Bit Adventures] 03:03
15. About Last Night… 04:39
16. Summertime [The Overflow] 04:04

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