Luno, the indie-rock alter-ego of Chicago singer-songwriter, Christopher Gilbert has been producing and releasing records for the past decade from within the confines of his bedroom. His music, as a result, has a charming, unprocessed quality that lends it a genial atmosphere. On his sixth release, Null Life, we see Luno matching his homegrown sound with some terrific songwriting to create one of the dreamiest indie-pop albums you’ve heard in a long time.


The calm, surrounding melancholy of Null Life immediately brings to mind the music of Elliot Smith. On most of the album’s tracks, Luno creates a thin, hazy atmosphere with his dreamy guitars and soft, droning synths while his mellow voice glides above. The effect is hypnotically gorgeous. There are often catchy guitar riffs that shine through Luno’s misty wall of sound as seen on I Shift My Weight, and he is not afraid to play around with some electronica either, as proven by the bleeps and bloops on Long Forgotten Dream. The album’s pinnacle however comes with Cold Spring, an upbeat piano-driven tune that shows us Luno’s song-writing at its strongest.

Favorite Tracks: I Shift My Weight, Cold Spring


Track List
1. Here He Comes
2. I Shift My Weight
3. Long Forgotten Dream
4. Perseid Meteor Shower Day
5. Cold Spring
6. Still Want You
7. We Can’t Go Back
8. Bri’s Theme
9. Let Me Down
10. The Silent Sea
11. Here Tonight
12. This Cloud

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