Chill Mega Chill Records teams up with Portals and Miscreant Records to once again pay tribute to the best season who brought us tanned lines, white sand, and the sea. Portals Summer II is an annual mixtape featuring 24 tracks from various artists.

Summer Love by Tommy Toussaint sets up the stage with a vintage surf rock approach. Prep up those surfboard and printed bikini as soft, steady beats embellish this piece.

Bad Cello’s All I Have Is Myself follows with sporadic electronic beats and some out-of-this-world tunes. While Proskater by Settlers takes on that spacey atmosphere with its tribal drum beats and rich instrumentation.

Clocking in at 11, Robin by Poppy Red is a purely ethereal piece perfect for those night walks by the sea. Echoing, layered vocals paint psychedelic landscapes. Beach by Morrisson Brook takes slow rock to craft an energetic track worthy of some head nodding.

In Don’t Go Down by Young Pharaohs, the album ends in a mixture of r&b, pop, and electronica. Extending electronic melodies swim swiftly with curly vocas.

Portals Summer II does not isolate any musical taste as the collection boasts tracks from different genres, and sometimes mixture of multiple genres. In each track, the listeners are transported into each musician’s version of summer creating a multilevel sonic experience.

Track List:
1. Tommy Toussaint – Summer Of Love
2. Bad Cello – All I Have Is Myself
3. Settlers – Proskater
4. Saint Pepsi – Private Caller
5. So Spirited – Hymns
6. Modus – Mmhm
7. Legga – The Greenlight (prod. by Infinite Quest)
8. Freeze-Tag – Eskimo
9. Phantom Power – Umbrella
10. Thunderhank – House
11. Poppy Red – Robin
12. Euphoria Again – Void In Time
13. Morrison Brook – Beach
14. Super Minotaur – Will You Swim To Hawaii With Me?
15. Comfy – Where Is
16. Battle Ave. – Puke Lust
17. Emily Reo – Peach
18. Rioux – Spirit Calling
19. Radstewart – Hot Damn
20. So Many Wizards – Let’s Go
21. Vacation Dad – 2 The End Of Love
22. Navigateur – Bright Lights
23. Swimming – Triplebrie
24. Teepee Girls – Discover
25. Vacant Windows – Stay Invisible
26. Basement Babies – I Heard
27. World’s Most – Big Ideas
28. Young Pharaohs – Don’t Go Down

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