After a year of writing, Mosh doesn’t disappoint to connect with his core listeners in Empire released last October 30.

Known for combining hip-hop, electro, and punk, Mosh delivers a distinct sound that’s sharp, imposing, and monumental. Empire features 10 tracks of more relaxed beats and straight-up bangers compared to his 2012 release Monarchy.

Opening with an Oriental charm, Empress hits the ground with hooking electro beats running harmoniously with low, grungy bass. Fluttering oriental strings are pumped up with loud beats that blooms in the ears. Empress is the perfect tone setter to introduce the album’s overall theme.

Sensual and subdued, Yokai follows in a chill club vibe. Press play and lose yourself on the dance floor with sporadic beats and psychedelic instrumentation. While Komodo is the embodiment of chic pop and dance. Edgy riffs works well with steady beats and Asian musings.

Zodiac Overdrive gets my vote as the standout track of this album. This 5-minute track showcases Mosh courage to explore and combine foreign sounds with electro dance favorites. The combination of sharp synths and hooking vocals is dangerously addictive.

In Empire, Mosh does a superb job in making sure that he connects with his old fans while reaching out to new ones. This album is an evidence of Mosh’s thirst to better his craft and break music boundaries.

Track List:
1. Empress
2. Yokai
3. Komodo
4. Loud ft. Dendrityx and Melanie K.A.
5. Metrapol
6. Zodiac Overdrive
7. Let the Smoke do the Talking ft. Kayley Reed
8. Shaolin ft. Sirch
9. Monochrome
10. Year of the Dragon

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