Mobile podcast apps are plentiful but Overcast from Overcast Radio is ahead the pack. Unlike other podcast apps, Overcast puts emphasis on quality features instead of packing in stuff you will not use. Among its most useful features are unlimited playlists and playlist episodes, a sleep timer, 1 by 1 playback option and more.

The Overcast main interface displays your subscriptions and playlists and the icons to manage them. There is also a drop down menu for use with individual podcast episodes. The Now Playing screen has a share button, the episode title, the show name and a back button. Backward and skip forward buttons are also available.

Its Smart Speed feature cuts down silences, but rather than use 1.5 or 2x speed booster, the app applies it on the insignificant parts. Even when applied, conversations still sound normal though.

The time savings on average is 1.2 to 1.4x as Overcast trims the breaks and gaps without affecting the vocals or tonal quality. Bottom line is the Smart Speed feature allows you to listen to your favorite podcasts in full, only it is shorter without the gaps.

The Voice Boost feature regulates the volume when you are in a train or car. This is a handy feature especially if you are in a noisy location. With this feature, Overcast generates audible but clear audio plus a consistent volume. The Voice Boost works especially well for podcasts that are not edited well.

Overcast also has a streaming function, notification, smart and manual playlists and background download support. For podcast enjoyment, Overcast is hard to beat.

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