You can never be too safe when it comes to protecting your files. This i true not just for PCs but also for Android devices. With Hi Security Virus Cleaner, you will have full protection from viruses, malicious programs and junk files. The app also functions as an app locker and removes unneeded files to boost system performance.

The app’s interface makes it easy to operate: just tap to start scanning for viruses and you’ll be notified if a virus or a malicious program. It’s antivirus database is powered by the McAfee double engine scanner. If you suspect that there’s a virus in the file you downloaded, just run the app.

The Hi Security Anti Virus also scans your SD files, so if there’s a virus it is not going to affect the other files on your mobile. Viruses and malware are not only risky but also slow your system down. By removing the threat your Android should run faster and better than before.

If there are no viruses on your computer but you’re still experiencing a slowdown, your device is probably filled with a lot of junk files. But how do you know which ones are safe to remove and what should remain behind?

No problem as you just tap the Super Cleaner feature and it will remove all the junk in your Android. Need a further speed boost? Tap Phone Booster and the app optimizes your phone’s settings so it runs at optimum level. In short, Hi Security Virus is not just for removing viruses but also a full mobile device optimizer.

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