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Pinta is a cross-platform image editing program. There are plenty of free image editors available. Pintaís advantage is it is light on the system. In spite of its many features, the program can run on older pieces of hardware.

The software has a plethora of drawing tools. You can make everything from basic shapes to complex polygons. You can use layers for intricate images.

There is unlimited undo. Pinta has over 30 effects and filters and the windows can be floated or docked depending on your preference. The multiple layer support is perfect for working on complex projects with several effects and objects.

Pinta can work with a variety of formats, including Photoshop files. Many of the tools will be familiar with seasoned users of photo editing apps. The interface is easy to understand and can be customized. There will be comparisons made with other applications. What makes Pinta tick is its accessibility. It doesnít have as many features as Photoshop, but not as difficult to use. It is also free.


But donít let the free tag fool you. Pinta is a powerful image editor that can handle basic photo editing jobs and complex images. Experienced users will have no trouble learning the program, but beginners will have no trouble getting used to it either. Fortunately you can experiment with the settings and effects. You donít have to worry about messing up because of its limited undo feature. Photo editing is easier to do with the built-in filters and effects. You can also make original artwork with its drawing tools.

Because Pinta is cross-platform, it can run on Windows, Linux and Mac. If you have used applications like Paint.NET or Photoshop before, the learning curve will be easy.

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