There is a ton of work on your desk, but you keep getting distracted by certain websites which keep distracting you. And before you know it, the few “seconds” you spent there have turned to minutes or hours of wasted time. With Cold Turkey you can temporarily block those sites so you can focus on work.

The app comes with a list of websites that you can temporarily block, and it is easy to add your own. Choose from the list or add websites you want to block, set the duration and the app blocks them.

If you have work until 2:00 PM today, adjust the timer so you will not be able to access those websites until after 2:00 PM. If you get the urge to visit that website you will get a message saying it is inaccessible. This leaves you no choice but to go back to work and the job done, which is the whole purpose of the app.

Once you have added websites to the list, you will not be able to remove those sites from the blocked list. You can open the program and more sites to block but you cannot edit those already there. That is actually a nice feature because it prevents you from “cheating” and shortening the duration.

Cold Turkey has an intuitive interface so adding sites to block is easy. If you find yourself always getting distracted, give Cold Turkey a try and you will be able to work continuously and get everything done.

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