WeatherBug is an app for the iOS and Android that gives you information on weather anywhere in the world. Published by Earth Networks, the app gives you a large array of weather sensors, forecasts and alerts, all in real time. One of the nicer features is the early warning system so you get the data and will be prepared for what might happen.

Unlike other weather apps that just give you general locations and info, WeatherBug lets you pinpoint down the specific neighborhood so you don’t have to guess what the weather will be in your area. It also comes with an interactive map covering several locations. Just press and you get real time weather updates. These maps also have information about humidity, air pressure, wind speed as well as high/low forecast temperature.

WeatherBug also comes with satellite imaging, traffic information and even Doppler radar. Apart from this, the app also has severe weather alerts in case there are thunderstorms incoming in the area you chose. You will also receive warnings and updates from the National Weather Service (NWS), and the Spark Alerts will turn your tablet or smartphone into a lightning detector. This lightning detector will let you where lighting strikes, with mile by mile updates.

In addition to these features, WeatherBug also has Lifestyle Forecasts that offer suggestions and tips to help plan your day depending on the weather. It’s true there are a lot of mobile weather apps out there, but few are as comprehensive as WeatherBug. It is very easy to use, and the weather updates are spot on.

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