Calcbot from Tapbots is a free calculator for your iOS, and there’s a Mac version too. Yes, there are a lot of these available online and you’ve probably used them before, but if you are looking for something a little bit easier yet packed with all the necessary features, as history tape and an expression view, than you might want to try Calcbot.

Calcbot has an intuitive interface, with the numbers and operations laid out clearly. You use this just like any calculator, by pressing the numbers and operations. All the basic functions (add, subtract, rounding off, percentage, constants, etc.) are here, so it’s just a matter of tapping the right keys.

One of the more interesting features here is the History Tape which saves all your previous calculations. Because they are stored you can get back to those calculations, great for those times when you’re number crunching and need to get those figures you did earlier. The expression view is still available so you see all the numbers you’re working on.


If you’re going to refer to your calculations later, just add the calculation to your favorites list, and when you want the number, just go to favorites and retrieve it. If you’re going to perform scientific calculations, just switch to landscape mode and you’ll get access to all the features.

If you want the conversion unit features on Calcbot, you’ll need to buy the IAP. But if you’re just after calculations and number crunching, this app will do just fine.

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