In the mood for a short and simple game? Well, this is the perfect offering for your gaming needs. Go Karting burns the iOS screen and keeps itself restricted to the casual gamer. There is no engine or eye-popping graphics, pure gaming fun is what you should expect and will get.

Created by Funmiller, the developer might not have the best ratings in the scene, but it nonetheless cooks up a decent offering at the end of the day. Unlike other developers, this one does not promise tons of gimmicks, instead it sticks to the point and offers something brief and unique that you will enjoy.

The game offers an unmatched gaming experience for the players, serving up an ultimate Go Kart experience in the best possible way. It features two tracks that were recreated keeping in mind a real-life location alongside a choice of three various control setups which includes touch steering, manual acceleration, and brake. Other nitty-gritty options like kart color is also included.

You will be able to race against an opponent to challenge your own skills or take a room to hone your times in Time Trial and fight for high ranks on the leader-board. Beat your own record in the least amount of time by racing against a ghost kart.

Funmiller brings a really nice gaming experience without beating around the bush. Kart handling, track design and the lap time results are all closely based on a real life track in Sweden. This makes for an unusually enjoyable racing challenge with an accurate adrenaline of speed and thrill. As the players driving skill increases, the lap times also will naturally become more and more competitive.

Overall, Go Karting is a great game and guarantees an enjoyable casual play session. There are a few reported bugs, but it seems to be rampant on the newer iOS version. iOS 3.1.3 users should enjoy the game to the fullest without breaking a sweat.

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