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Ava – 24/7 Accessibility by Transcense is an app for the hearing impaired. With more and more people using mobile devices, there is no reason for those with hearing difficulties not to avail of the latest technology. By using this app you can participate in conversations comfortably and it also helps the app is easy to use.

Ava uses artificial intelligence and the latest technology to listen to your conversation and what people are saying. If you could not understand what the person in front of you said, Ava displays what the other person said on your mobile device. This is possible because the app uses your mobile device mic to hear what they say.

Ava can also say words aloud on your behalf. And if the app makes a mistake, you can correct it by tapping the incorrect word. In other words it is possible to teach Ava new words and increase the vocabulary. The app is also capable of handling conversations between several people.

Ava is not just for those who have difficulty hearing. If you are talking to someone and they have a hard time understanding what you say, just show them the words on the app. When you install the app you are also given a unique ID link. You can share this link with other Ava users and engage in conversation.

Ava is an exceptional app, and it is one of the best in helping those with hearing disability. If you have this condition or knows someone who does, this is an app that will really come in handy.

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