Do you want to record your game-winning play and save it for posterity? Want to make video calls, stream and capture specific info on your screen? DU Recorder is an app that does just that. Yes, there are several apps like this and you probably have one installed right now. But DU Recorder also happens to be a video editor and live show app, something that might just make you switch.

DU Recorder makes recording a one-touch affair. Tap the record and the app starts recording. To stop just give your mobile device a quick shake. There is no limit to how long you can record, only the storage available. Videos can be up to 12 MBPS/60FPS true HD, pretty impressive.

Want to record only specific moments? Use the pause and resume buttons. There are also options for recording external audio. The buttons for video and settings, live creator and recording tools make it easy to edit your records to match your requirements.

Aside from live shows and gameplays, DU Recorder lets you stream on Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube, and at the live tools are settings for live stream optimization. Want to edit your video? Tap trim, add an image, add music or remove sections. To merge multiple recorded videos, tap the merge button.

DU Recorder has image editing tools like blur, stitch, and crop. Just tap their respective buttons and the app does the rest. As you can see there is a more to DU Recorder than just simple recording though it does that well.

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