Dragalia Lost is a fantasy RPG from Nintendo , and it holds up well when compared to other RPG mobile games. For years, humans and dragons have lived in harmony in Albenia, but the loss of the Sacred Shard leaves the land in disarray. Thus begins your quest. Filled with adventure, battles, strategy and more, there’s plenty here to satisfy RPG lovers.

Dragalia Lost allows you to manage several characters, engaging them and taking part in various battles. The battles take place in different locations but the controls are the same – tap to attack and swipe to proceed. As you play new powers and skills become available for use by tapping. The same controls are used for evading opponents and attacking, and if you have played mobile RPG the controls will be second nature.

Combat is short but intense, suited for mobile games. This being an RPG game a lot of emphasis is placed on strategy- the early levels are simple enough and as you progress your character skills level up. Dragalia Lost offers no shortage of customization options including stats, powers, character info and so on.

The quests include hunting for gold and other treasures to improve character stats and dealing with dragons. Does all of these sound overwhelming? It might, but the game interface is clear and makes it easy to get into. In fact, it’s one of the things that makes the game enjoyable.

For longtime RPG buffs Dragalia Lost is a welcome addition to their collection, and there is something here for newcomers to the genre as well.

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