M-Dot: Making Doubters Over Think

After only four months since his last release ('Money Doesn't Own Thought'), Hip Hop artist, M-Dot is back with a brand new album, ‘Making Doubters Over think’. Initially, I have to admit that I rarely listen to this genre of music; however, in saying this, I also have to confess that I have thoroughly enjoyed this album. Furthermore, the fact that M-Dot is the winner of the 2010 Boston Music Awards "Hip-Hop Artist of the Year" and winner of the 2010 Boston Phoenix "Best Hip Hop Act," comes as no surprise. To put it bluntly, this dude is bad-ass. These titles are well deserved and the talent in which he exhibits is highly prevalent within ‘Making Doubter’s Over Think’.


Have you ever wanted to back-up the contents of an iPod and transfer them onto a computer or external hard-drive? Maybe you manage your music manually and do not have all of your contents stored neatly into one folder on a PC? Or maybe your computer has crashed and you no longer have your iPods music or videos stored on it?. iDump is an iPod copying tool and it solves both of these issues. Through this program, a user can individually check the songs in which he or she wants to back-up or they can simply select everything as a mass and back-up every song contained within an iPod. Either way, once the required contents are ticked, all one has to do is click ‘Start Copy’.

Derek Clegg: Here Comes Your Fate, Quick Duck

Derek Clegg serenades our ears once again with his distinctive brand of Indie-Folk in his new album, ‘Here Comes Your Fate, Quick Duck’. This album is tremendously good for easy-listening and regardless of what you normally listen to, prepare to be temporarily converted. Indie Folk seems to be the foundation of Clegg’s music, although, at times he intertwines genres such as country and rock. His music is never predictable; each track change also comes with a new surprise. This can be partly attributed to Clegg’s impressive repertoire of multi-instrumental abilities. Clegg’s vocals are also extremely versatile, he modifies himself as a vocalist to suit the style of each song.

Digimon PC

Finally, a successful tamagotchi simulator has been created for the PC. Specifically, this is based on the Digimon Tamagotchis of the 1990’s and early 2000’s. That’s right ex-digimon fans, embrace the nostalgia, download this simulator and remember the fun you had as a kid. Interact with your pet by feeding it, training it and battling friends. Although, be careful because too many care mistakes can cause your digimon to die.

The Sovereigns: Pick It Up

During this day and age, I find it more and more difficult to find punk bands which sport the punk genre in a legitimate sense. However, recently, my ears have been rewarded with some of the scarce spoils in which rarely become available to a dedicated browser like myself. The album ‘Pick it up’ by ‘The Sovereigns’, resurrects the late 1980’s/early 1990’s version of ska-punk that many believe to have died long ago. Hysterical drum beats (with a tempo range between relatively fast to extremely rapid), catchy brass sections, walking bass lines and power chords strummed from a fanatically distorted guitar help to ensure that all of the desired boxes are ticked. These aspects then conglomerate to form a sound similar to that of Anti-flag, NOFX and Reel Big Fish. Additionally, the bands vocalist portals politically motivated and humerous lyrics through a rough and husky voice - while he also manages to stay in key. This deems the Sovereign’s music worthy of a wider audience and saves them from being restricted to only those of the traditional punk scene.