Have you ever wanted to back-up the contents of an iPod and transfer them onto a computer or external hard-drive? Maybe you manage your music manually and do not have all of your contents stored neatly into one folder on a PC? Or maybe your computer has crashed and you no longer have your iPods music or videos stored on it?.

iDump is an iPod copying tool and it solves both of these issues. Through this program, a user can individually check the songs in which he or she wants to back-up or they can simply select everything as a mass and back-up every song contained within an iPod. Either way, once the required contents are ticked, all one has to do is click ‘Start Copy’.

Once opened, there are two tabs contained within this program. ‘Ipod’ and ‘Output Options’. The Ipod Tab provides the option of viewing and selecting the content in which you wish to back-up, whereas, ‘The Output Options’ tab allows a user to select a destination and format for this content. This layout is extremely straightforward and proves that ‘less is more’ as it avoids any unnecessary complexity and allows even the most inexperienced computer user to back up an iPod with ease.

Idump is an important safeguard because one never knows when a computer is destined to crash and best of all, it is free. Do not waste your time with similar costly programs or their annoyingly limited trials. Download this source of freeware, you will not regret it!

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