Finally, a successful tamagotchi simulator has been created for the PC. Specifically, this is based on the Digimon Tamagotchis of the 1990’s and early 2000’s. That’s right ex-digimon fans, embrace the nostalgia, download this simulator and remember the fun you had as a kid. Interact with your pet by feeding it, training it and battling friends. Although, be careful because too many care mistakes can cause your digimon to die. These pets are capable of evolution and the above interactions affect this. The newer version of this has been developed by a team of amateur software designers and serves as an improvement to the tamagotchi in which it simulates. This is evident through an addition of color, music,a larger amount of training exercises,an improved battle system and a greater diversity of digimon and evolution options.

The most impressive function of DMPC is its battle function. The DMPC team have enabled gamers to battle their digimon online with other people through the addition of an online server. In this instance, players have two options; they can either trade codes with friends and battle them or alternatively connect to the server without a code and battle someone at random. This battle system is highly effective as it enhances competitiveness amongst gamers. This is accomplished through the way in which they can compare the strength of their digimon with others and can raise them accordingly.

Strikingly, this software runs as an application and as a result, it can be placed on top of another program. For example, a gamer could open Internet Explorer and surf the web while keeping an eye on his/her tamagotchi as it would still be visible on top of the Internet Explorer. The tamagotchi can also be dragged to any part of the screen and this prevents it from blocking the visibility of another program.

Instead of searching ‘Ebay’ and paying over 100 dollars for a rare Digimon Tamagotchi, download and consider this free and more efficient simulation!

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