(Metallica, Pantera, Slayer)

Mental Killing Spree “Vae Victis” – free death-metal album under Creative Commons

Iíve got to tell you - that thing ainít no blues. Maybe Iím wrong, but Iíve got an impression that death metal bands avoid Creative Commons and focus more on the good old underground zine-net and gigs ways of promoting their music... Two thumbs up for Mental Killing Spree for bravery and offering their first album as a free download and under CC! About the music. There is a quite engaging mixture of a harder side of thrash and a lighter side of death metal here. Riffs arenít extremely melodic - itís not Metallica, and no Amon Amarth either - but theyíre melodic enough to keep a listener interested.

Djizoes: Djizoes

Djizoes: (pronaunced Jesus in English) is a Swiss part hard rock part metal band which since their creation in 2002 managed to amaze many critics and convert many listeners into fans. Up to date, they've recorded two EPs, two full-length albums, toured around the world & played in front of tens of thousands of people at a time. Now Djizoes: has agreed to distribute some of their tracks free of charge through FrostWire straight to their P2P listeners.

Hearts Alive: The Black Sleep

I couldnít find much information about this hard-core metal band from Helsingborg, Sweden, but from one of their reviews on LastFm (one of the very few in English ), I learned that theyíve recently went through a lead vocalist change and they sound even better then before!