Alternative Metal

(Incubus, korn, Staind)

Grenadina: Pretend For Me

Grenadina is an all-girl rock band from the Kansas city area. Although they do have reservations about always being dubbed as an "all girl group," their sound more than makes up for all those doubters. Pretend For me is a gritty record that combines the band's favorite genres. It sifts through rock, metal, punk, alternative as well as indie; fusing them with listen-to-me lyrics and performed in a look-at-me-attitude. With their unconventional sound, the group definitely commands attention and subtly demands you listen to them.

Vanisher: Unbound

Clearly a band that loves to play their music loud, Vanisher is a five-piece metal crew from Ridgeway, Virginia. Unbound is the band's 2012 debut release featuring their resident wailing vocals, double bass kick drums and some really sweet guitar riffs. Fans of the band since their first (and short) EP, Buried Alone, will certainly enjoy this one. Showcasing tighter performances and generally more polished tracks, it seems the band is poised to take their place in mainstream rock metal's history.

One-Eyed Doll: Dirty

Recorded in vintage gear, One-Eye Doll's record, Dirty is as gritty, loud and special just like any vintage instrument. It's a loud and biting record that showcases frontwoman Kimberly Freeman's cold, at times sweet vocals. Doused in a gloomy, dark atmosphere, it brings solid metal, punk and even a bit of blues rock in tow. Thanks to this combination, the band expertly delivers tracks that are catchy, melodic and can easily grab your attention.