(Metallica, Pantera, Slayer)

Of The I: Demo-noid E.P.

Of the I is an experimental five man band from London that's been slowly gaining popularity in the indie music scene. Their first EP, Demo-noid E.P., is a compilation of four expressive tracks that hover around progressive rock and ambient sounds. Armed with Psychology and Philosophy academic backgrounds, the group seeks to create music that incorporate elements of spirituality, personal experiences, philosophy and musical tastes.

The Scare Bears: Zombies Are Everywhere

Be warned: contains gazillion explicit content, tons of metal, punk rock and lyrical comedy. From the funky video game intro in Girls Don't Play, it's hard not to laugh and enjoy listening to The Scare Bears. Their music can best be described as a cross between loud metal, electronic and comedy. Most of the tracks do contain heavy cursing and cussing as well as overall dark content. If you don't mind it, you'll definitely enjoy listening to Zombies are Everywhere. The album is made up of 16 tracks with quirky titles like Banana and Dumpster Diapers. If you like heavy but fun rock and don't have a big problem with cussing, then this album is worth checking out.

Sleepmakeswaves and Tangled Thoughts of Leaving: Split LP

Quiet and surreal instrumental post rock from the land down under. With a quirky name like Sleepmakeswaves, you might think that the band plays shoegazer, indie rock. There's no denying that their music does bear a resemblance to this type of sound. The only difference is that they are on mute. Weaving metallic rock along with electronic textures, the band successfully creates a post rock instrumental opera. On the other hand, Tangled Thoughts of Leaving is a prominent prog-rock, jazz, noise band from Perth, Australia. Split LP is a result of the collaboration between these two bands; creating a sonic fusion of sound that can only be achieved when two different bands are in total, almost complete equilibrium with each other's sound.

No Face by Redmind – metal mayhem from France

Unique French rock metal filled with thrashy guitars and loud vocals. Despite the lack of information on this band online, there is an abundance of rock and roll in Redmind. No Face is filled with 6 tracks that embody what this band is about. Their music is a mixture of rock neometal with speedy guitar licks, growling vocals and heavy drums to match. Redmind's No Face might sound typical and the band might not break any boundaries with their music, but they do manage to pull through and create a solid sounding demo.

Adveniat Hiems’ “Loki” – a free metal EP

Adveniat Hiems is an ambient black metal band that dishes out short concept albums inspired by northern mythology and folktales. “Loki,” Adveniat Hiems’ new EP, is named after a shapeshifter in Norse myths. The group is with the net label Ekleipsi. They are not as loud and “noisy” as other metal groups, and they do not blow off my eardrums. I think they are quite merciful despite an anagram of their name, invade atheism. I actually like the fiery combination of their drums and guitars. What I really like about Adveniat Hiems, though, is their choice to stick to concepts that are close to me – myths and legends.

Sever “Coma Circle” LP – hardcore scream metal

With a great mix of hardcore metal and rock that will knock your socks off, Sever is a band worth listening to. With the traditional line-up change expected from a band that's more than a decade old, Sever's current lineup is as perfect as can be. Coma Circle features 10 tracks filled with energy and rawness that's hard to find nowadays. Perhaps the fact that they are relatively unknown (as of yet) adds to the appeal, but this German band certainly deserves a chance to be heard.

Dr. Phibes & The Ten Plagues of Egypt – Music of the Gods Vol. II

Dr. Phibes & The Ten Plagues of Egypt - Music of the Gods - Vol. II is the love child of two simingly opposite music styles - classical & heavy metal. It is a crazy and exhilarating mesh of heavy guitars along with classical strings, church organs and lots of noise. The second installment out of a two volume set features mixes of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, and Sonata For Flute, Bassoon And Bass I/II/IV by Antonio Vivaldi, apart from Bach's Fugue.

Diablo Swing Orchestra “The Butcher’s Ballroom” – history-rich music fusion to make you dance the night away

Finding some music album which has everything from rock to swing, metal to opera, and different languages altogether? If you can't imagine how those genres would sound when mixed together, then listen to The Butcher's Ballroom - and simply shock yourself. Played by the Diablo Swing Orchestra, these 13 tracks would surely make you want to boogie all night, while at the same time let your big brother bang his head and start a mosh pit. With rich melodies, a powerful opera voice and eclectic sounds, The Butcher's Ballroom is sure to make ballroom nights different - don't say we didn't warn you.