(Metallica, Pantera, Slayer)

Fear Report: Pandemic

Judging from the bandís name itself, Fear Report, you could already get a glimpse of what kind of music they have to offer. Fear Report is honest, straightforward, emotional and most of all delivers a 90s rock feel that is rare in todayís scene and genre. Their unique sound comes mainly from their diverse musical influences. From post-hardcore to metal edge to grunge to indie and alternative, this is what Fear Report is. Your ordinary five man rock band but has always something new to bring to the table.

Vanisher: Unbound

Clearly a band that loves to play their music loud, Vanisher is a five-piece metal crew from Ridgeway, Virginia. Unbound is the band's 2012 debut release featuring their resident wailing vocals, double bass kick drums and some really sweet guitar riffs. Fans of the band since their first (and short) EP, Buried Alone, will certainly enjoy this one. Showcasing tighter performances and generally more polished tracks, it seems the band is poised to take their place in mainstream rock metal's history.

One-Eyed Doll: Dirty

Recorded in vintage gear, One-Eye Doll's record, Dirty is as gritty, loud and special just like any vintage instrument. It's a loud and biting record that showcases frontwoman Kimberly Freeman's cold, at times sweet vocals. Doused in a gloomy, dark atmosphere, it brings solid metal, punk and even a bit of blues rock in tow. Thanks to this combination, the band expertly delivers tracks that are catchy, melodic and can easily grab your attention.

Adult Swim: Singles

We all know or at least heard of Adult Swim as adult-oriented cable television that shares air time with Cartoon Network; not everyone, however, knows them for releasing some sweet free music. As part of their more recent projects, Adult Swim has decided to put together a compilation, 8 singles over 8 weeks that would blend together some great artists from genres as diverse as folk, pop, hip-hop, metal, and a touch of electronica.

Willy’s Big Bang Theory Magic Revue: Cradle

Willy's Big Bang Theory Magic Revue (WBBTMR) is definitely a long name for a band. Luckily, even though their name is a mouthful, their music is quite good. This eclectic rock and roll blues band is actually just made of one permanent member, Will (I'm not sure what this guy's last name is.) He's also a member of garage, punk group, The Wild Dishes. For his WBBTMR side project though, he enlists the help of his musician friends. These friends dropped drum parts, a guitar lick or two etc., and helped create this soaring album. Take a listen and get in touch with your inner blues rocker.

ńra Kr‚: Ferne Tage

Prepare for some mayhem when listening to ńra Kr‚. This death metal band from Germany knows how to knock your socks off or wipe sleep from your eyes in an instant. I'm not exactly an expert in the metal genre, in fact my musical exposure to the genre is limited to Children of Bodom, In Flames and Lamb of God -if you count them as death metal. Nevertheless, Ferne Tage or roughly translated, "Distant Days," is a pretty solid album filled with hardcore rock with good beats and ass-kicking vocals. The album is available for free download on the band's Bandcamp page. Give it a listen.

Watertank: Fairy Crimes

It's been awhile since I've checked in with my loud side. Here's one really loud metal, prog album for you then. Fairy Crimes is Watertank's latest record. It's a short 6 track compilation that's offered for free. Members of the band are based in France and seem to be heavily influenced by various metal, progressive and even hardcore bands. Heavy double bass drumming, loud and prominent guitars as well as occasional honey voiced vocals are prominently displayed in the band's sound. Watertank has been around since 2003 and have had their fair share of success. They've gotten the opportunity to share the stage with artists like Capricorns, Torche and Lair Of The Minotaur to name a few. Close that door of yours, turn the volume up and start rockin'!

San Miguel: Primavera Sound Music 2011

Tents, amazing food, crazy outfits, dancing, drinking, and great music that turns thousands of people into your soon-to-be closest new friends; sounds like a ready-made vacation. And if you want to feel like a part of this summer music festival 'movement' be sure to check out the new mix from Primavera Sound. Since crossing into the new year the Primavera Festival already released its preliminary lineup for 2011, and as many of the artists also have some of their mp3s available on the Free Music Archive, Primavera Sound put together a little free album of what is coming up this year.

To Leave A Trace: Fight Your Evil Side

Just after a year of playing music together, this four piece rock band from the Ukraine decided to release their debut LP, Fight Your Evil Side. Leave A Trace certainly knows how to bring a fusion of rock, metal and even melodic screamo to their fans. Their album is packed with 10 powerful tracks that comes with Oksana's hard rock growling. By the way, yes, Oksana is a girl.