Pequeña Fiera! “Secrets with no words” – dreamy and hazy experimental art rock release

Another great release from the Error!Lo-Fi Records (Spain). Pequeña Fiera! is a band that explores the border between lo-fi and experimental/art rock (vide Radiohead, Sigur Ros, etc.). What we got on Secrets with no words are 5 very dreamy and hazy tunes that take us somewhere very much behind the rainbow. If the band thought about the compositions a little bit thoroughly than it would definitely be a minor underground hit-band.

Mental Killing Spree “Vae Victis” – free death-metal album under Creative Commons

I’ve got to tell you - that thing ain’t no blues. Maybe I’m wrong, but I’ve got an impression that death metal bands avoid Creative Commons and focus more on the good old underground zine-net and gigs ways of promoting their music... Two thumbs up for Mental Killing Spree for bravery and offering their first album as a free download and under CC! About the music. There is a quite engaging mixture of a harder side of thrash and a lighter side of death metal here. Riffs aren’t extremely melodic - it’s not Metallica, and no Amon Amarth either - but they’re melodic enough to keep a listener interested.

Vate: Volt

Vate, a Mexican electro-music artist, is one certainly to be recommended. From the very beginning of Volt, his latest record, one finds that it is a release that cannot be neglected. There are some Kraftwerk influences there, and Turismo, the first tune of the LP, is a Tour de France for the modern era, when car rallies replaces bicycle ones. Orient Stress follows, and it's been the most energetic one composed by Vate, almost an EBM piece with a highly recomme