Windows (PC) Games

Games for Windows Desktop Devices


VDrift is an open source, cross platform game for Linux, Windows and the Mac, with the emphasis being on drift racing. Created by Joe Venzon, the game is under continuous development, but it is downloadable and very playable. The game currently has 45 tracks that are based on real world tracks and more than 45 cars, all of which are based on real vehicles as well.

Super Monday Night Combat

Super Monday Night Combat (SMNC) is a free MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) shooter. Published by Uber Entertainment, it’s a third person shooter that was inspired by games like Warcraft III and Defense of the Ancients, but with its own twists. You have to choose between two teams who will then fight it out and destroy each other’s Moneyball.

UFO Alien Invasion

UFO Alien Invasion is free strategy game which, as the name implies, will have you fighting aliens that are bent on invading the Earth. The game is heavily inspired by the X Com game, but the UFO Alien Invasion team has added enough features that make it different from the rest of the strategy games out there. It takes elements of the classic X-Com series and turns it into something new.

Renegade X: Black Dawn

Renegade X: Black Dawn is a free 1st person shooter for Windows. Developed by Totem Arts, the game takes place in the Command and Conquer universe. This means you join the GDI and do battle against the Brotherhood of the Nod. However, this is more than a C&C rip-off as it’s a new game all its own.

Treasure Adventure Game

Treasure Adventure Game is a retro inspired game that combines platform, sidescrolling and exploration. Published by Robit Studios and its developer Stephen Orlando, you control a boy who has to search for the 12 treasures that are scattered throughout the world that he will need to slay the demon.

Stunt Rally

If you have never heard of Stunt Rally it is a free racing game that will have you driving and maneuvering your way through more than 100 tracks (111 to be exact) spread over 15 sceneries. To top it off you have ten cars to choose from and the Stunt Rally development team is working on more.


Subvein is a top down shooter that requires both a quick trigger and ability to strategize. Led by developer Ben Johnson and the rest of the Subvein development team, the game has more than 20 weapons, tons of user generated maps and several vehicles.


There’s plenty of first person shooters around, but it won’t hurt to give Retroblazer a try. Created by Amilcar Parra, this is a fast paced, action packed game that combines action and strategy. Available for the Mac and Linux too, it’s got a lot going for it.

Hyper Princess Pitch

Hyper Pitch Princess is a retro shooter game for Windows. Created by indie developer Daniel Remar, you will be able to control a princess clad in pink whose main mission is to stop Mecha Santa with weapons such as a cannon that can fire rainbows, ice and bricks. This is a cool Christmas action shooter that will bring you hours of fun.