Treasure Adventure Game is a retro inspired game that combines platform, sidescrolling and exploration. Published by Robit Studios and its developer Stephen Orlando, you control a boy who has to search for the 12 treasures that are scattered throughout the world that he will need to slay the demon.

To do this he gets on a magic sailboat and sails through various islands. Here you will encounter different characters that will guide you in your quest. Just like in a classic video game you have to explore rooms and try to solve mini quests along the way. Your character starts with basic climbing and jumping skills but over time he develop skills like crawling, swimming and digging. He has a pirate�s hook for a hand and this can be used as a weapon.

Apart from the elements of platform and sidescrolling, Treasure Adventure Game also has some RPG aspects too as your character develops new skills, and you will also get power ups. You can also collect coins scattered throughout the game and use it to buy useful items in different towns.

Living up to its name, you will also find plenty of buried treasure here. Unlike other retro games, music plays a big part in Treasure Adventure Game, with different musical scores for exploring deserts or caves. It is also nice to see the sun rise and rest as you play, giving it an even more immersive feel.

But the night and day cycle isn�t just for aesthetic purposes, as some characters and doors only appear at day or night. All things considered, Treasure Adventure Game is very good.

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