VDrift is an open source, cross platform game for Linux, Windows and the Mac, with the emphasis being on drift racing. Created by Joe Venzon, the game is under continuous development, but it is downloadable and very playable. The game currently has 45 tracks that are based on real world tracks and more than 45 cars, all of which are based on real vehicles as well.

Not only are there are plenty of cars and tracks available, but they are also one of the most realistic ones out there. The game was set on the open source Vamos Automotive Simulator, but numerous improvements have been made for the graphics and sounds.

While the game is quite challenging, the gaming controls are very easy to customize. If you prefer to drive around using a keyboard and a mouse that is allowed, but it also has support for gamepads and joysticks, so you can use those too.

VDrift comes with some really cool tracks, as they are modeled very well, and you get the feeling that you are really driving around. Although the game is currently in development every track is fully modeled as is the terrain. Once you are done racing, you can check out your performance using its replay system with the standard skip backward and skip forward controls.

VDrift also lets you use different cameras, and there is support for reverse and brake lights. As for driving and drifting aids there is anti lock braking, traction control and automatic shifting. The developers have also added an experimental force feedback. You can also race against three AIs with varying difficulty levels.

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