Dark and hauntingly beautiful, Guilt is a poetic thriller about good and evil. It’s a 2012 short�animation�project by director/animator Tobias Larson. The fi... Read More


Calm your senses and fill your imagination with Origami, a short animation created by Joanne Smithies, Eric De Melo Bueno, Michael Moreno, Hugo Bailly Desmarche... Read More


Liberate some love in Made Bed, a five-minuter short that combines voice and vision. Written and directed by Kevin Oestenstad, this litte piece of visual masterpiece conveys raw emotion about courage, life, and great men. Mainly using narration, the filmmakers takes us on a tour that savors on picturesque images and brilliant shots. Much is given credit to Kevin Oestenstad and Tony Swaney's acting prowess. The undeniable talent that they have showcased served as the backbone for such a polished film.

Reviving Redwood by Matt Sullivan

Treat yourself with Reviving Redwood, a lovely animated film about an old man's struggle to bring life back to an abandoned logging town. Directed and created by Matt Sullivan as a thesis animation at Ringling College of Art and Design, this short film bursts with spectacular color and flawless animation.

My Favourite Things

Encapsulating beauty and innocence, My Favourite Things is that kind of film that you'd want to watch over and over again. Directed by Edward Styles under kidswithcrayons production, this five minute short film shows the innocent tale between two friendsk who meets in the most unlikely manner. It has already rounded the festival circuits including a latest selection on the Little Big Shots International Film Festival last 2011.

One Step Forward

At first you wonder why this film won the 48 hour film project, was selected to be shown at the Cannes Film Festival, and gathered awards like the judges had no choice. It began, after all, with plain looking person who appears happy yet dirty and in his long sleeved polo shirt and slacks. That is of course until you reach that part that made your heart skip a bit.


A story of courage and bravery, GOM streches our imagination with a kick of comical humor. The film was created by the talented team of Anthony Delliste, Tristan Evin, Maxime Guillemin, Florent Razafimandimby, and Alexis Vallauri for ESMA. With a 7-minute runtime, the film tells the story of Gom, a young boy who works in Acme Circus. Despite his fear of turning soft after hearing a loud noise, he tries his best to overcome this weakness.


Have you ever wondered what goes inside a childs mind? Create takes you on a quick journey on how a childs imagination can be both thrilling and fearful. Written, directed, and animated by Dan MacKenzie over the course of six months while attending the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), Create is a stop motion claymation that has been starting its rounds in film festivals including the Fantastic Fest, Newport Beach Film Festival, and the Savannah Film Festival.