Granny O’Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty

Granny O'Grimm's Sleeping Beauty, directed by Nicky Phelan and produced by Brown Bag Films, first came to the screen in 2008 and already has won a number of awards while traveling across vast lands of Ireland, America, and Australia. This wonderful 5 minute creation takes us inside of the little house where an old granny is telling a good night story to her grandchild. The story, however, does not come with a magical happy ending we would all hope for. Everything dressed in the stunning visuals is more than expected from an animation that found its way on the shortlist of 10 films for Oscar nominations in 2010. A definite little treat for just about everyone!

Sebastian’s Voodoo (2008)

There might be no dialog and the film might only be 4 minutes long, but you will be astound at just how much tension and action can build up in those very 4 minutes. Sebastian's Voodoo, first released in June of 2008, is a wonderfully crafted animation from Joaquin Baldwin and provides an excellent example of just how CGI has improved in the last decade. But outside of the magical graphics the true selling point of the animation is its story in which a voodoo doll must find the courage to save all of his friends from being pinned to death by the voodoo Priest.

Work In Progress (2001)

strong>Work In Progress is an enchanting animation ready to take you on a journey into the fantastic workshop hidden deep down in the world of natural wonders. The workshop occupied by two peculiar inventors is a perfect location for their latest creation. However, as the inventors squabble over the concept and implementation of their latest project a mysterious third party comes along to provide the most important and still missing ingredient - a little touch of magic. Despite being released all the way back in 2001 the animation still offers some great visual experience to its viewers compared to other short films of the last decade.

The Monk & The Monkey

When I first stumbled upon this little cartoon I was convinced it was made by a team from a professional animation studio. Well I guess the two undergraduates (at the time) from Ringling College of Art + Design who created this animation are not as far off - as a result of the film both landed jobs at DreamWorks. The Monk & The Monkey is a beautifully crafted animation, with flawless design, composition, brilliant sound-work, (at least to my rookie eye) and simple yet lovely message. So let the story tickle your heart.
Meet Buck animation

Meet Buck

Love animations? If you do, meet Buck. Meet Buck, is a story about an ordinary young man taking a trip to see his always cheerful and gorgeous girl. This blooming relationship, however, is tested when Buck finds out that the girl's father is not the tolerant guy he expected and ultimately decides to stand between the two lovers. There are passionate kisses, high speed chases, shot guns, explosions, and gang violence.


Sintel is a next in a series of visually stunning and captivating short animation films initiated by the Blender Foundation. The previous - Big Buck Bunny and Elephant's Dream - have been a huge success and associated The Blender name and the Foundation itself with the highest quality animation worldwide. Sintel tells a story of a young girl on a long and dangerous quest to save her best friend, a baby dragon. With plenty of time to tell the story (this short is little over 14min - the longest of all three), the team had a chance to fully showcase both their creative and technical skills and the capabilities of their animation software, Blender. Fast action scenes, fires, landscapes & complicated facial features - all you could expect from a multimillion animation studio, but done by a small, international team of creators working on open source, free software with a budget of $550k.

Way of the Mantis (2006) – short animation film

Monk learns a thing or two from a tiny little green critter. Way of the Mantis is a beautiful animation short that showcases the story of a Chinese monk that learns a valuable lesson from a tiny friend. The entire film is rendered in a traditional brushpainted style which sets the mood perfectly. The film was done as a thesis animation by Joe Daniels and Jedidiah Mitchell. It is definitely a nice little animation film to watch; all 6 minutes of it would be worth your time.

Tachaaan! A Karmic Tale – Free Animated Short Film

Everybody knows that an elephant doesn’t forget. In “Tachaaan!” we further learn that an elephant does know how to get even. “Tachaaan!” is a funny animated film done by Rafael Cano (Rafiki), Carlos del Olmo and Miguel A. Bellot. It is produced by Nicolás Matji at La Fiesta Producciones. It will remind you of some Tom and Jerry moments while you're laughing like a kid in some of the scenes -- if you're in a good mood.

The Story of Bottled Water with Annie Leonard – How Manufactured Demand pushes what we don’t need and destroys what we need most

The Story of Stuff Project is behind the original animated video "Story of Stuff", which has earned more than 10 million views since it's release in December 2007. "Story of Bottled Water" is a short, simple, informative and at the same time entertaining animated short that exposes the hidden dangers and irrationalities of drinking bottled water most of us don't think about when we spend $1 or more at the store. Watch it and pass it on!