Uncle Tom’s Bungalow

An old time classic coming from Warner Bros, "Uncle Tom's Bungalow", can be only described as all fun and laughter - exactly what the Looney Tunes are famous for and doing best. With a run-time of 08:33, it is great to see how the environment manages to look convincing with just sketches. On top of that the cartoon features some really epic "characters", from a little kid with the meanest expressions to the sleeping hounds. These little personalities sport varied voice-tones and emotions that words simply cannot do justice.

The Legend of Action Man (Dingoman Productions)

For a $200 budget, independent movie outfit, Dingoman Productions has created a funny and very entertaining film. Now, the poster might not be much to look at but trust me, this one will be worth it. The Legend of Action Man is a 100 minute film about a guy who likes to dress up like a superhero. Everything would have been dandy if only he wasn't the one causing so much of the problem in the first place. Think Kick-Ass minus the Hollywood costumes, special effects and budget. Created by Derek Papa and Andy Young, the storyline was based on a short film that the duo created while they were still in highschool. With more time on their hands, they've turned their quirky idea into a hilarious, home made, short film that's worth checking out.

His Girl Friday

Yes, we live in the age of Iron-Man, Avatar, Harry Potter, Inception and a number of other cinematic hits that took over our movie theater screens. But that does not mean that the Hollywood classics are dead. In fact, as some of them have safely crossed over into the sphere of public domain they can be easily accessed and downloaded for free; just like His Girl Friday - called no. 13 best comedy film of all time by Guardian (and a 97% from rating from Rotten Tomatoes), a film that put journalism among the most glamorous professions, and most importantly a film with stellar performances from Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell. A treat for everyone.

“Small Penis” – a short film by Stian Hafstad

A graduation film by a group of students led by writer Stian Hafstad, “Small Penis” briefly chronicles the story of Daniel who has huge insecurities about the size of his penis. Produced with a budget of US$400-500 and filmed in only five days in Bergen, Norway, this amusing short film is very well written, shot and composed of surprisingly good, convincing actors. For a film title, “Small Penis” gives a lot, despite its size. Different folks will have different reactions, naturally. Some will be quickly amused, others displeased, and others, stoked.

Mormor (Grandma) – short film about a surprising vacation at grandma’s

Mormor means “grandmother” in Norwegian. This short film is about a renewed bond that was formed between a granddaughter (Pia) and her mormor one fine summer. Pia’s parents are too busy with their lives to take care of her when the school’s on a break, so Pia takes a spontaneous vacation to her mormor’s home. Mormor is a widower, and so the young girl is such a delightful presence in her home. They have so much fun and so many adventures together. However, their adventures are cut short by those who do not get their idea of fun. Mormor is subsequently sent to the frightening “retirement” home, so Pia has to break in and enter the “prison” to save her mormor.

“Nemesis” – award winning superhero short film

If you are a fan of comic book heroes and if you fantasize of having superpowers, you should watch “Nemesis.” “Nemesis” is a short film (about 8 minutes) produced by a group of students for a school project in the University of Bergen in Norway. While it would be easy to excuse the shortcomings of films made by students, I am glad there is no reason to forgive the filmmakers for anything in Nemesis. It has the quality of a professional's touch right from the concept to post production finishes.

Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning – Meet Captain James Pirk!

Perhaps one of the most elaborate fan movies ever made, Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning is definitely a movie to watch if you want a good laugh. A movie that started off as five friends decided to create a good satirical and dark sci-fi comedy about a crazed leader who is set on world domination, Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning certainly doesn’t disappoint. Under the direction of Timo Vuorensola, this movie parodies both the Star Trek and the Babylon 5 universe. Why not join "Captain Pirk" and the "CPP Kickstart" crew as they hatch up a plan to t