Watch an arctic love triangle between a walrus, a seal, and a lobster in Cooked. This 7-minuter animation is directed and designed by Jens Blank, produced by Tom Legget, and written by Caroline Brucker. Cooked became an official selection in the Cannes Film Festival last 2010.


He is fat, pink, and has an adorable snout. He has everything you are looking for in a pig. But by the end of this short film, you will surely contest that Ormie the pig is more than just delightful and charming written all over him. For the whole length of the short, watch Ormie as he launches numerous attempts in pursuit of his love – a jar filled with cookies. And what does a pig got to do in the face of food? Take it down and gobble it. It is not that easy a task; but, Ormie is not your ordinary pig in a pen.

One Step Forward

At first you wonder why this film won the 48 hour film project, was selected to be shown at the Cannes Film Festival, and gathered awards like the judges had no choice. It began, after all, with plain looking person who appears happy yet dirty and in his long sleeved polo shirt and slacks. That is of course until you reach that part that made your heart skip a bit.


A story of courage and bravery, GOM streches our imagination with a kick of comical humor. The film was created by the talented team of Anthony Delliste, Tristan Evin, Maxime Guillemin, Florent Razafimandimby, and Alexis Vallauri for ESMA. With a 7-minute runtime, the film tells the story of Gom, a young boy who works in Acme Circus. Despite his fear of turning soft after hearing a loud noise, he tries his best to overcome this weakness.

Frankie Rulez!!!

In just about five minutes, watch Frankie the space alien as he takes over the universe by claiming property over planets one by one. Written and directed by San Charoenchai, this short film has already taken over the animation landscape as it won three Best Film awards this year and numerous selections in various film festivals.

3×3 by Nuno Rocha

3x3 by the talented Nuno Rocha delivers us a quick laugh to brighten up those gloomy days. Awarded and selected by numerous film festival both in Spain and other countries including a recent stint at the 27+One Film Festival in Russia, this short comedy is a splendid mix of wit and great craftsmanship. The film opens with a night watchman who spends time practicing on a basketball court. He shows his expert abilities to a simple janitor, who then uses an unlikely way to perfect shooting a ball into a basket.
Nothing special

Nothing Special

Treat yourself with this award-winning short by Helena Brooks entitled Nothing Special. Nominated to the Cannes Film Festival, this 11-minuter short tells the story of Billy who becomed the reluctant subject of worship when his delusional mother decides that he is a Jesus reincarnate. It's a rare thing to be mesmerized by a single film, but that is exactly what happened upon watching Nothing Special. Kip Chapman is a delight to the title role, making us laugh and feel empathy in a natural manner. Heather the eccentric mom played by Alison Routledge adds a quirky flair to the film.

Calvaire Fruité

Treat yourself with Calvaire Fruit�, an animated short that blends pleasing visuals with spiky chuckles. Lined with a dark humor, the 6-minuter uses the unexpected meeting of two contrasting characters as a perfect material for its limited runtime. The story is a chase between Bold, an extremely tall character who meets Dirt, a small and sickly bum who struggles for survival. It�s directed by Ghayth Chegaar, Eddy Loukil and Victor Jardel.