Adult Swim

Adult Swim: Singles

We all know or at least heard of Adult Swim as adult-oriented cable television that shares air time with Cartoon Network; not everyone, however, knows them for releasing some sweet free music. As part of their more recent projects, Adult Swim has decided to put together a compilation, 8 singles over 8 weeks that would blend together some great artists from genres as diverse as folk, pop, hip-hop, metal, and a touch of electronica.

Adult Swim: African Swim

African Swim is a collection of some of the most popular African hip-hop music from the recent years. The compilation, brought to us by Cartoon Network's animation bloc Adult Swim, features fifteen great tracks hand selected from the far corners of South Africa. Among the artists making an appearance on African Swim you will find B Zee, Juzi with his latest hit Muthaland, Gumshev, Da L.E.S., and Drencko; all showcasing their modern sounds, great vocals, and beats that will keep you on your feet. All in all the release is definitely worth checking out!