We all know or at least heard of Adult Swim as adult-oriented cable television that shares air time with Cartoon Network; not everyone, however, knows them for releasing some sweet free music.
As part of their more recent projects, Adult Swim has decided to put together a compilation, 8 singles over 8 weeks, that would blend together some great artists from genres as diverse as folk, pop, hip-hop, metal, and a touch of electronica.

The compilation is truly a mix of sounds and it is this diversity that makes it to stand out. With artists and musicians such as LCD Soundsystem, Cult, to Madvillain and Killer Mike, this treat from 2010 made some call Adult Swim “probably the best label that is not a label.”

Although not all of the tracks are the best in their field, there are certainly those that will make you want to turn up the speakers. With the fifth single by Black Lips bringing us a more rusty, lo-fi sound we are than quickly transported into the more electronica influenced pop cut Drunk Girls, remix by Holy Ghost, with just a touch of 80s mixed in between the beats. The compilation also comes to us with an enchanting song by Cults. Oh My God is filled with dreamy vocals and indie electronic pop sounds ready to take you to the clouds. Freddie Gibbs, an American rapper from Gary, Indiana, completes the circle with his bonus track On One; a rap/hip-hop single full of engaging computer generated beats and fast vocals.

Overall, taking aside that the compilation was brought to us as a part of Kia marketing, it is still an interesting little find. And considering that it is offered as a free download, you might as well give it a go. From the slow acoustic folk pieces, to hip-hop and rap, metal, and dreamy pop electronica, the compilation certainly has something for everyone.

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