animation software


Want to make those fun and quirky animation stick figures? If you do, then try out Stykz. It's one of the first multi-platform stick figure animation program that you can use. Stykz allows you to create frame by frame animation and gives you the option to see what work you've done on the previous page. The program is easy to learn and provides a simple interface that both beginners and seasoned animators can use.


KToon is an efficient 2D animation program that was created by animators designed for use by fellow animators. However, unlike most animation programs, this is entirely offered under a GPL license so aspiring animators can make use of it for free. The animation tool is still a work in progress so bug fixes and new versions are still being developed. Nevertheless, it already works great for creating your very own 2D animation project.


Blender is the perfect all-in one 3D modelling software. Get all the bells and whistles of a commercial animation and modeling software for ZERO dollars. Yes, as unbelievable as it sounds, Blender is an open source software under the GNU Public License. It has become the first choice software for even professional animators and has spawned great animation films as well. Films like Big Buck Bunny and the upcoming film, Sintel, was created from this groundbreaking software.