Photo Grid

Photo Grid is an app that allows you to make collages of photos and videos. Developed by Roid App, Photo Grid lets you share your creation on social network sites like Instagram. In addition, you can add humorous stickers, text and music, giving your collage a different look. In short, it’s just the app for spicing up your pictures.

Drawing Desk

Drawing Desk from 4 Axis Solutions is a drawing app for the iOS and Android, and it is one of the few 3D brush stroke apps that are available. The app has several features including stickers, stamps, and assorted brushes, multiple undo, redo and more. In addition the app has a kids and adults mode so you can work in different ways.

One Must Fall: 2097

Time to gear up and take up a fight - true street-fighter style. One Must Fall:2097 takes the name very, and we mean very seriously. The game is a combat-oriented computer treat programmed by Diversions Entertainment. Published by Epic MegaGames, the game is really nice to play and has a very old-school feeling to it, making it worthy for a place on your desktop.