Attention: Tattered Youth

It seems there's no stopping rock band, Attention, as they release their latest compilation album, Tattered Youth. They hit the pages of the Frostclick blog a couple of months ago with their previous alternative rock offering, Through the Wire. Still containing catchy alternative tracks, this new album features 12 cuts including a music video for the title single. The boys are also offering this one for a pay-what-you-want download over at their BandCamp page.

Attention: Through the Wire

Attention is a four piece crew from Minneapolis, MN. They describe their sound as "honest rock" and write "music about life-love-hope-dreams and what happens next..." Through the Wire is the group's recently released record. Even though it's two years old, the album is still exciting and great to listen to for any modern alternative powerpop fan. This is the third one for them, their first EP Stand Strong was released on winter 2007 and was followed up by Everything Takes Forever, in 2009.