Bankai “Teen Slut Pimp Strut” – fast & funky electronica album

Bankai is a awesomely creative glitch/nerdcore electro producer from Melbourne, Australia. His first release, an EP titled "Quarter Circle Punch", was very successful & popular among the music blogs, private torrent trackers and independent music sites like Just half a year later, Bankai is out with his second energy-loaded album "Teen Slut Pimp Strut".

Bankai “Quarter Circle Punch” – a real electro feast for your ears!

If you think Bankai is a word that sounds like a positively explosion, then you and Will Dayble, the creative mind behind the electronic music Bankai, have one thing in common. According to Will, the stage name is from an anime series called Bleach, where characters perform the Bankai, a sort of “final ultimate power realease”. The Bankai results in huge explosions and, it goes without saying, sends the opponent off to lick his wounds. That exact same power is probably what you’d get after hearing to Bankai’s music.