Are you a fan of the Bomberman series? Poton gives you something to be happy about if you are. This cool, Japanese arcade game features a similar gameplay to classics like Pacman or Bomberman. Playing it will definitely bring in a lot of nostalgia for most old school gamers. Like most classic games, this one has a very simple gameplay to master. It basically consists of you being inside a maze and doing what you can to kill off the enemy one by one. The game has a very entertaining and quite addictive gameplay; a feature that most classic games have mastered.

I Have No Tomatoes

Beating stress can be a lot more fun if you have I Have No Tomatoes on your computer. This fun and stress relieving game lets you see just how many vegetables you can smash in a span of ten minutes. The game is a great combination of Pacman and Bomberman. Essentially, you have a square grid where you run around from veggies and at the same time place bombs to smash or kill them off. It's definitely a fun game to play.