Are you a fan of the Bomberman series? Poton gives you something to be happy about if you are. This cool, Japanese arcade game features a similar gameplay to classics like Pacman or Bomberman. Playing it will definitely bring in a lot of nostalgia for most old school gamers.

Like most classic games, this one has a very simple gameplay to master. It basically consists of you being inside a maze and doing what you can to kill off the enemy one by one.

The game has a very entertaining and quite addictive gameplay; a feature that most classic games have mastered.

The protagonist is a cute little fellow that can instantly dig a hole in the ground at a press of a button. Your little creature has to trap the enemy inside the hole he creates and covers them up so they won’t be able to escape. Sounds easy enough right? The challenge comes when you realize that most enemies are capable of jumping over the holes so you have to be strategic about where to place the holes. Moreover, once you dig a hole, your character can’t walk over them unless they are covered up, which only happens when an enemy falls inside them.

Poton is essentially a simple game to play. It takes time to master but once you get the hang of it, it’s easy to breeze through the levels and defeat the enemy. The game is definitely perfect for killing some time off from your hectic schedule. Give it a go.

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